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Ersa Selective Soldering Systems - In a class of its own!

Leading edge technology and modular design match the highest demands on flexibility and throughput while fitting in virtually every budget.  

Ersa, with its line of selective soldering systems VERSAFLOW, ECOCELL and ECOSELECT,
offers optimal solutions to all requirements.

The modularly designed, top-of-the-line VERSAFLOW meets even the highest demands on
flexibility and throughput. It's virtually unlimited configurability opens the door to fully satisfy any potential users' needs. With the possibility to extend the system by additional modules, the VERSAFLOW 3 can grow to accommodate a customer's needs, safeguarding the future. Responding to the need of those customers that plan to use a cell type system, the ECOCELL selective soldering system has been designed to be specifically integrated into a production island. In this model, the solder process is executed counterclockwise in a u-shaped layout. As in the VERSAFLOW 3 - and in order to assure the essential high throughput - there are, for each process step, individual aggregates available.

The ECOSELECT soldering system is the optimal solution for small to medium volume production needs. With the option to operate the system inline or off-line, the ECOSELECT excels in versatility.

Over the last 15 years, Ersa has placed more than 1000 systems in the field, and with each additional system sold, Ersa has strengthened its position as the market and technology leader in the automated selective soldering process. Ersa's technological advantages optimize the quality, the cost and the ontime-delivery service of our customer's manufacturing process.


The VERSAFLOW 3/45 is the world's first fully automated, in-line selective soldering machine with dual track transport and Ersa's proven single wave solder nozzle technology for highest flexibility and highest volume throughput.


Not compromising when it comes to throughput – flexible in the production layout


For your modular manufacturing concept with optimal price/performance ratio


The perfect start-up solution for efficient and reproducible soldering processes in small-scale and customized production

Ersa CAD Assistant 3D

Fast, intuitive and comfortable –

The new generation of Ersa‘s offline selective solder program editor

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