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Selective Soldering machines

Wave Soldering machines


SEHO wave soldering system with nitrogen tunnel

  • Covered tunnel system

  • Internal nitrogen supply

  • Controlled and independent conveyor speeds during the soldering process

  • Easy removable conveyor segments (easy to maintain)

  • Removable glass plate (easy to maintain)

  • Soldering angle at the soldering wave is 7°

  • Programmable width adjustment (finger conveyor)

  • Stand-alone fluxer with ATS-Spray-Fluxer, flow rate is adjustable

  • 6 preheating zones each 3kW (IR emitter + convection), preheating length is 1800mm

  • Soldering module with delta- and chipwave, automatic solder bar feeder, leaded solder

  • SMEMA-interface

  • Integrated and active cooling unit at the out feed


  • Programmable width adjustment (finger conveyor) is not working

 Lötbereich  Lötdüsen
 Lötbereich  Lötdüsen
type of machineSEHO MWS 2340-F
basic informationUsed
configurationWave Soldering Machine
price ( EUR )10.000 € delivery EXW (Incoterm 2010); without warranty
contactUlrich Dosch; ulrich.dosch[at]
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